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Mike Malone - Director of Photography (Click to email Mike.)

2115 Heatherwood Dr.
Toledo, Ohio 43614

Phone: (419) 380-7112
Fax: (419) 382-7535
Mobile: (419) 260-7112

Malone+dodge history:

Malone and dodge is a Video and Film Company specializing in On-Location Production, featuring an award winning Videographer/Cinematographer.

Mike Malone has been shooting film and video for 25 years since his graduate work at The University of Toledo in Theater and Film. His experience as a studio and news director for an ABC affiliate and as a Corporate Videographer and Producer/Director for a Fortune 200 Company has given him a unique perspective in the art of Film and Video photography.

Located in Toledo Ohio, we are able to cover much of the Midwest. Cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Ft. Wayne and South Bend, can be handled with a day rate. But we’ll fly anywhere you need us. Companies like New Dominion Pictures have sent us as far West as Albuquerque, NM and East to Norfolk, VA. For the New Detectives and FBI Files. We’ve even been to Barcelona, Prague and Lisbon, for IBM and Hanson Productions. And from Lansing to Scottsdale for Buick.

We have 2 Tellys, and many Addys for DP work and treat every job as if it were going on our reel. We work with great people and would love to provide a crew for your production no matter what the size.